Photoshop yourself beautiful with online tutorials

Most of us like to make the most of ourselves, whether it’s the full works with the make-up and a new dress for a big night out, or simply finding time to put on a slick of lippy for the school run. Yet when you think how many people may see your photograph online with a profile pic for example, it’s amazing how little time we take to look good in a photo.

Alright you don’t want to go over the top as a friend of mine recently did when she had a professional makeover with studio shots and plastered the results all over her Facebook entry. The results were certainly stunning but it didn’t actually look a lot like her, to the bemusement of many. However a little bit of help and photoshop trickery could go a long way to helping most of us out.

An article by Sarah Kessler over on Mashable gives 8 very clever Photoshop tutorials that can help with those smaller problems and the results can really be very impressive indeed. For example it’s amazing what even a slight change in hair color can do for somebody. How to change hair color in Photoshop C3 lets you see yourself with different hair colors and gives you some idea of what works before you commit yourself to any big mistakes.

Another of the Photoshop Tutorials is – Remove Acne in Seconds! The method looks simple and effective so check that out if you’re prone to the odd skin blemish. Other great tutorials include enhancing your eyes and whitening your teeth or even giving yourself a tattoo. Useful for the shock factor.

For more on this go to Have you ever tried to photoshop an image of yourself? Were you pleased with the results or maybe you ended up looking like a painted doll? We’d be interested to hear from you so please feel free to send us your comments.