iPhone: “Cut the Rope” App Enjoys 1 Million In 10 Days

We have recently reported on various iPhone 4 apps including Angry Birds, Mike Tyson Punch-Out, Yahoo Messenger, John Lennon Trivia Quiz and much much more, but now it seems we have yet another rival app named, “Cut the Rope”.

Christina at Mashable reported on the new game which will be available for the iPhone priced at $0.99 and the iPad for $1.99. Cut the Rope will be accessible via iTunes. Reports have indicated that the game has sold a staggering 1 million copies in just 10 days, making it one of the fastest selling iOS games to date. The total is taken from both versions.

Angry Birds, which seems to be one of the most addictive iPhone games around at the moment has taken a back seat to now make way for Cut the Rope. The game which has been published by Chillingo and developed by ZeptoLab, sports an easy concept and you will find yourself playing it for hours.

Have you played the new game yet? If so, tell us what you think? To check out more on this log onto Mashable.