Nokia N8 Will Not Save Smartphone Maker

With Nokia’s new N8 smartphone starting to find its way to eager customers, the much anticipated device has a massive hill to climb. We always knew that the N8 was a very important development for Nokia, but this latest phone has a lot of weight on it’s shoulders. And quite broad shoulders they are on first impressions.

It seems that the N8 needs to succeed in its hardware, software and the apps available, according to a report by Bloomberg. It has been said that while it achieves the first and even the third part of the criteria, the second slips down the line. Symbian^3 is an updated version of Nokia‘s software that has been around for a few years now. But updated doesn’t necessarily cut it within today’s smartphone crowd.

One of the issues is that some of the tasks that you ask it to perform can be made rather long winded, such as replying to an e-mail. Another problem is with the text messaging or e-mail sending, if holding the phone in the upright position the keypad reverts to numeric telephone-style. This means that to type for example the letter “s” you will have to tap the “7” four times. If you cannot get on with this antiquated style you will have to hold the device on it’s side to activate the QWERTY keyboard.

For its faults the N8 does have a very impressive camera, excellent resolution, autofocus, built-in face-detection technology and an excellent 2X digital zoom. Able to capture 720p video and replay on a HD TV via HDMI, the only criticism is the 3.5-inch screen.

So as the world starts to take possession of Nokia’s latest smartphone, do we think it can match the hugely popular offerings from Apple, Motorola, HTC and Samsung? Unfortunately we think not. Although this is definately an impressive and stylish phone, perhaps the current market place is filled with devices that are just that bit better. Anyway this is just opinion, if you have placed your order for the N8 and are waiting for delivery why don’t you tell us what made you choose a Nokia? To find out more on this log onto Bloomberg

  • Mark

    To get the letter 'S' you have to tap 7 four times? Or you could just turn on predictive text and touch each key once and let the adaptive dictionary do the rest.

    Do you guys even know what you're talking about? Tell you what, we'll tell you why Nokia sells – and why the N8 will outsell any HTC and Samsung equivalent pretty comfortably – if you can convince us you actually know how to use a phone.

  • Gens

    I see a common theme here! Reviewers have no idea how to use or get the most out of Nokia phones and are not willing to tinker with their devices!

    Spend some time to learn how to use a Nokia device and you will be greatly rewarded.

    You can send and receive texts and sync from a PC without having to remove the phone from a pocket thanks to the actual funtional Bluetooth only found on a Nokia.

    You have the choice to load the GPS maps into the phones memory to save on data charges whilst roaming!

    You can use it as a desktop computer with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard whilst using the HDMI or AV port.

    Symbian 3 is NOT frustrating if you actually knew what you were doing you would know that! Don’t like the way it works or the theme? Change it!!!

    We Nokia users have a lot to do defending our phone of choice from newbie reviewers and it frustrates us greatly!!

  • Max

    Here we go again!
    What won't you guys just accept it instead of accusing writer?!
    you are like 20 or 25th that i saw last couple of days "questioning article writer instead of hearing what heshe saying.
    man i feel sorry but did you saw Nokia's last quarter numbers?!their market share slipped another huge 4% and they are now stand at 30% which convinced many market watchers to start whispering Samsung will overtake Nokia by the year end and you saying N8 will "comfortably" outsell any HTC or Samsung equivalent?(pretty comfortably actually)
    as for N8 no doubt it's impressive but multiple comparisons showed it's not only best camera phone in the market but it's not damn near it!
    it have some problems and shortcoming even against 5MP(s) Samsung S8500 Wave and Apple iPhone 4 for instance.
    so grow up and face your fears:Nokia will lose the top spot (only thing left for it) and in this way not even N1000000000 can save it.