Katie Price Tweets Her Disapproval

Glamor model, author and it girl “Katie Price”, has been the latest celebrity to hit the headlines on Twitter. In a recent tweet on Thursday she defended her latest reality TV series “What Katie Did Next”. The series which has been aired on ITV2 will now be switching over to the Living Channel at the end of November.

According to Joanne at Metro, Price tweeted on Thursday “Don’t forget my show on tonight 9pm ITV2. I’m telling you as ITV2 don’t advertise it.” Reports have indicated that at the beginning of 2010, Price signed a two-year deal with Virgin Media Television which is home to the Living Channel. This is not the first time that the celebrity has tweeted her disappointment in ITV2’s decision to stop screening her reality series. Recently in reply to a fan’s question she tweeted, “ITV2 WON’T advertise as my last show with them, not good on their side very un pro.”

Unfortunately, Price has endured some criticism surrounding her show with one user posting, “Your show is absolute GARBAGE.” She was quick enough to retaliate by saying, “If you think my show is garbage I’m glad you have watched it to comment, you helped my ratings.”

Are you an avid watcher of What Katie Did Next? Will you be tuning in to the Living Channel? Let us know. Log onto Metro for more celebrity comments.