Sony launch their Google integrated TVs with Hulu and Pandora

Sony have now finally lifted the curtain off of its flash new line of Google Integrated internet TVs that have been highly awaited. We brought you a quick first look of them about two weeks ago but now all of the details have been put on the table.

The new models will come complete with Google TV software which is accompanied by Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, Youtube and Pandora, just to name a few. Mashable say that the apps will be run by the Android OS and web surfing will be powered through Google Chrome.

The TVs will be available in 4 different sizes: 24″, 32″, 40″ and 46″. All of the products will come fully loaded with 1080p edge-lit LED screens as well as 4 USB ports, 4 HDMI inputs and Wi-Fi capabilities. Unfortunately only the 24″ TV will not come with the 1080p edge-lit screens.

One of the funkiest features is the remote which resembles a mini key board as it has so many buttons. Sony have said they have borrowed some of the controls features from their PS3. The flicker looks like a PlayStation 3 controller and a QWERTY keyboard hybrid; it will be a hit with some but a tun off for others.

The whole experience will enable you to integrate your existing satellite or cable TV with the web, so you will be able to search for your favorite shows and websites easier at the same time; however with great products, comes great pricing and by great we mean large not reasonable. Hopefully you will not be too put of with the news that Sony’s babies will range from $600-$1400. As good as the TVs look that does seem quite steep.

The new line of Google integrated TVs will hit Sony Stores this Saturday and then Best buy shops nationwide on Sunday so get them while they are hot! Let us know your thoughts on Sony’s new TVs by leaving a comment.

  • roseofsharron

    wow! this is wonderful! what is the price point on this I wonder? this brings internet based Hulu to the big screen! I love it as I often watch programs on Hulu that I don't catch in real time. thanks for sharing!