Delicious – Why Use Social Bookmarking Instead Of A Browser?

Delicious, the social bookmarking web service, was released back in 2003 and taken over by Yahoo! two years later. It works as a tool to save, share and manage web bookmarks. To make your experience a little more worthwhile, you will find it beneficial to use social bookmarking instead of just a browser. Bookmarks can be processed by others using a related URL or RSS feed, and it will work with any PC with an internet connection.

We have come up with 8 new and creative ideas to make your time using Delicious a little easier. Of the suggested ideas, we are going to talk about just 2 of them. Kristi at Social Media Examiner reported that, firstly your favorite content that is sent to you via social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook can be bookmarked for future reference. Secondly, another reason to using social bookmarking is that you can transfer your bookmarks by setting a recurring reminder, and downloading them as an HTML file. If at any time, something happens to Delicious, then you have the sound knowledge that you still have your bookmarks to refer to.

To access Delicious, you need to initially have a Yahoo! account to sign in.

Have you benefited from using Delicious? Let us know. To read more on this check out Social Media Examiner

  • liberrygrrl

    What do you recommend instead of Delicious now that Yahoo is going to end that service?