LoveFilm For PS3: Accessible via the XMB

Sony’s Playstation 3 Youtube channel has announced that in November they will be adding the successful movie rental service LoveFilm to their PS3 consoles. It is expected that a new system update will be available soon which will then enable users to access the service on the XrossMediaBar (XMB).

So far the only other rental service that comes with the PS3 is Netflix; however it is only available to users in the US and also comes with the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Now that LoveFilm will shortly be hitting the PS3, owners can stream thousands of movies straight to their console. According to Playstation Universe you can rent titles ranging from the latest releases to Hollywood blockbusters or just old classics.

Existing customers will also be able to manage their current DVD and Blu-Ray rental list, when purchasing content. To date users could only buy and download movies, but now there is a rental option it should improve the popularity of Sony’s console. After all there has always been a long running battle with Microsoft and this will continue with the close release of the Kinect, after Sony recently introduced their Playstation Move.

Do you think being able to rent movies on your PS3 is a good idea? Let us know by leaving a comment.

  • osiris

    will be able to rent a movie ( i live in mexico) ???