Life Without Facebook: What Would You Do?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without Facebook? Life as we know it to some would simply stop as some of the hours each day they spend on the social network would simply just be empty. No more humorous but pointless status updates, no more boring but conversation making chats with friends, no more tagging and photo uploading, no more Farmville! The list goes on.

So God forbid, we did lose our beloved site then what would we do with ourselves? Move to someone else, spend more time on the games console, read a book? Well a survey conducted by Digitaria says that the reason people use Facebook less is due to boredom and lack of interest. A shocking stat was revealed recently as it says that the average age of a Facebook user is now 37 when previously it was around a young college age.

Due to teens being deterred from Facebook because of things like limited activity, repetitive notifications and the fact that their parents are joining up could spark a big decline in user numbers. Facebook is still clearly the dominant force when it comes to social networking however it also has the highest age demographic. If age is the key to success when it comes to starting a social network then upcoming sites such as Tagged, Plaxo and MyYearBook may rise beyond Facebook in the coming years.

Nothing is forever and one day Facebook will meet its match; remember what happened to Bebo. Whether some of these new sites will challenge the giant is another question, but bare in mind the success of Facebook is due to young college teens and sharing around universities. A similar story could well happen here, time will tell.

What do you think life would be without Facebook? Tell us in the comments would you would do if it did not exist.

  • God

    Older people are on facebook because it is a free alternative to No surprise the shelf-life for younger users is about to expire.

  • Sibanac

    . A letter is so much more importante than "a poke" . I think poeple will remember this.