5 Ways To Customize Your iPhone

As the Apple iPhone 4 starts to spring up all over the place, how do you make your’s stand out from the rest of the black iPhone crowd? As of yet we are still waiting to see the release of the white iPhone 4, so here are five new ways to personalise your current device.

According to Amy-Mae at Mashable, there are different ways to pimp your phone, and below we have reported on just two of the five. The first is the “Uncommon” clip-on “Deflector”. This option will protect your iPhone with a glossy look which can be altered with a choice of your own photos or tasty illustrations. For the images to be placed on your handset, you will have to sign up to get them uploaded online. This will take no time at all, and images can then be re-sized to suit your preference.

Or, why not take a look at Etsy seller “inblue”. They offer hand-sewn and hand-printed leather iPhone cases that can be personalised with your initials, a name or even a favorite quote. Retail prices start from a mere $13.

Are you a person that likes to stand out from the crowd? Will you be customizing your iPhone? To check out the five options log onto Mashable