iPhone 4: “Energizer AP1201 Case” Charges & Protects

We have all been in that situation, where part way through the day, our mobile phone starts bleeping away to tell us that the battery is low, and normally, its at a time when we need to text or call someone.

With this in mind, a new “Energizer AP1201 Case” for the iPhone 4 has just been announced. The difference being, that this not only protects your handset but also charges it at the same time. Laura at Engadget reported, to the eye, it appears to be quite a desirable item, slimline and made up of silicone rubber.

The charging mode provides two speed settings, the faster of the two, giving life to the phone first and then the case. Whereas, the second speed chosen, will give your phone simultaneous pass-through charging. Retailing at $69.99, the new Energizer AP1201 Case is definitely worth a look.

Do you get fed up with your mobile handset dying on you? What do you think about the new Energizer Case? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto Engadget