Foursquare Introduce “Conan O’Brien” Badge & Blimp

Foursquare, the location-based network helps it’s users to check-in to their friends’ locations and collect points and badges. News has been announced of comedian “Conan O’ Brien” getting in on the act. As O’Brien gets himself ready to launch back onto late night television on November 8, fans will be able to check-in to a new blimp and unlock the special “Conan” badge.

According to Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable, Team Coco in collaboration with AT&T, have now released the huge orange balloon over Philadelphia. People will be able to see it travelling over the east coast for the month of October. News has it, that the “Conan Blimp” incorporates its own website with live cam and map that states its location. So for those of you are want to get your hands on this new badge, they will be able to source the blimp’s location with the aid of Foursquare and Twitter updates.

Social media can play an enormous part in advertising an individual or an event, and today’s news just proves that. What better way to get your message across to your fans by using a huge blimp!

Are you a fan of Conan O’Brien? Will you be checking in for your badge? Let us know. Log onto Mashable for more info.