Twitter: Sugababe “Amelle” Caught Drink-Driving

Online social networking site “Twitter,” is growing in user numbers and included in this are a list of celebrity names. It gives these people in the spotlight a chance to announce news via tweet or to have a good old rant. For the everyday user, it gives an insight into what that person may be doing.

News has come through today, of pop star “Amelle Berrabah” from the Sugababe’s, who has been banned from driving for the next 14 months. BBC News London reported that, Amelle had been caught drink driving on 23 September in North London. She admitted to having too much alcohol and has apologised for her actions.

The 26-year old apparently tweeted that she had been drinking the night before her arrest and did not realise she was still over the limit the next morning. She said, “I’m so sad this happened to me, I got up to do my normal 6 am jog. I’d been out the night before for drinks with friends and got stopped on my way to meet my personal trainer. And it was obviously still in my system. I’m sooo angry with myself. I felt fine and had a coffee”.

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