Android & iPhone Introduce “John Lennon” Quotes & Trivia Apps

Today, we reported on the latest Google Interactive Doodle, which has been set up to celebrate what would have been “John Lennon’s 70th birthday tomorrow. As a special treat, Google have provided us with an animation video to one of the all time great songs “Imagine”.

But now, if things couldn’t get any better, Gary Johnson at PR News has reported on two John Lennon apps for the Android and iPhone. Do you consider yourself one of his biggest fans? Why not check out the first free “Trivia” app that will test your knowledge of the music legend. Users to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be able to answer ten questions in five separate quizzes.

The second free app for the Android gives over one hundred “John Lennon Quotes”. If you have a favorite saying then you will be able to save or send it to online networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Have you got a favorite John Lennon quote? Let us know. To check out more on this log onto PR News