Most U.S. Toddlers Online Before They Can Talk

In a recent international survey by AVG, to find out the percentage of toddlers that have their presence known online, astonishing results were concluded. The survey asked some 2,200 mums if their child(ren) were online, be it, in a photo, prenatal scan picture, a networking site profile and so on.

According to Lauren at Mashable, 81% of children under the age of two were present on the internet. Photos were uploaded and shared by parents and details of children were put onto a social networking profile page. In total, a staggering 92% of American children are online by the time they hit the age of two, compared to that of Western Europe which sees 73%. During the survey, parents were asked why they felt the need to post photos of their children online. The majority said they could share pictures with friends and family, a smaller percentage said they wanted to open up their profile content on networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 18% of parents just wanted to copy their friends.

J.R. Smith, CEO for AVG, said it was, “shocking that most 30-year-olds have an “online footprint stretching back 10 to 15 years at most, while the vast majority of children today will have online presence by the time they are two-years-old — a presence that will continue to build throughout their whole lives.”

What do you think about posting information of children onto the internet? Using safety precautions, can it be a good thing? Let us know. Log onto Mashable for more info.