Apple iPhone 4 Glassgate: Worse Than Antennagate

Since its release in July, the Apple iPhone 4 has had more than its fair share of bad press. One of the biggest issues that CEO “Steve Jobs” and his company have had to contend with, was the reception antenna problems, aptly named “Antennagate”. But now news has come through of yet another possible flaw in the device, “Glassgate”.

This time the problem has stemmed from the design of the handset. It has been reported that for iPhone’s that are fitted with non-bumper cases, particularly the slide on versions, there is a risk of tiny particles becoming concealed and scratching the back of the phone. As Paul Miller at Engadget reported, scratching can occur when the case is taken on and off the device. Ok, so for the majority of us who have a mobile phone, there will be a time that it may get dropped or knocked leading to external marks. But the issue here is that the scratches can lead to cracking and complete shattering of the back panel.

With this in mind, Apple has limited their numbers of “third party cases” online and in store, particularly the hard slide-on type.

Have you experienced any such problems with your iPhone 4? Let us know. To read more on this check out Engadget