Who Do You Admire The Most: Zuckerberg or Jones?

A recent survey was carried out on 1,000 teens in America, and the question was asked whether they preferred Apple co-founder and CEO “Steve Jobs” or Facebook’s “Mark Zuckerberg”?

According to the “2010 Junior Achievement Teens and Entrepreneurship survey (PDF)”, the results concluded Steve Jobs the winner, who scored 25% even though results were down from 35% last year. Surprising results, as Mark Zuckerberg’s online social networking site “Facebook” sees some 500 million users and recent movie, “The Social Network” has received good feedback and viewings. Robin at TechCrunch reported that, Zuckerberg was positioned alongside skateboarding legend “Tony Hawk” with 9% of votes. Other celebrities named were J.K.Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z all receiving higher percentages.

The teenagers were asked a variety of questions which included, “What did they admire the most in these entrepreneurs”? 10% answered, “Wealth and fame”. 31% said they, “Respected those who make a difference to people’s lives” and 31% felt that the entrepreneur had “Success in multiple fields”.

What are your thoughts on this result? Who would you have chosen, and why? To find out what the teenagers said when asked, “What incentive do they need to become an entrepreneur”? Log onto TechCrunch