Vodafone iPhone 4: For German Release?

A new report states that, Vodafone will be selling iPhone 4 across Germany from October 28. This will come as a blow to Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile’s parent company), who at the moment enjoy exclusivity of the smartphone.

According to AppleInsider, Macerkopf.de the German Mac site, found out that Vodafone will start releasing ads from October 18. Vodafone’s devices will be locked into their network, which will provide competition to the German mobile provider. Deutsche Telekom rolls out figures of 37 million customers, keeping it ahead of Vodafone with 34.9 million. O2 manages 16.3 million customers, but there are rumors that they will be distributing the device in Germany. It is said that the O2 iPhone will not be locked into the O2 network.

In preparation to this news, Deutsche Telekom is offering discounts on its price plans. Last week, customers were able to get a 10 percent discount on monthly T-Mobile contracts for the first year.

Back in 2007, Vodafone filed a complaint against Deutsche Telekom, and a German court ordered the company to unlock its iPhone’s and supply without a contract. Vodafone’s chief executive Friedrich Joussen made a statement saying, “We want the iPhone to be available to everyone without being tied to a contract.”

With the news of Vodafone and possibly O2 spreading their iPhone wings in Germany, this can only boost sales of the Apple device. But even with more German customers signing up for the latest iPhone, they will have to wait like the rest of us for the white version.

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