Nokia N8 Suffers Release Delay In UK

At the moment, all we seem to be doing is waiting on delivery of new smartphones. If you have decided that you need a white iPhone 4 over the standard black version, then your wait increases by the week.

The same thing seems to be happening with Nokia’s N8, although not quite to the same extent as Apple’s white smartphone. Peter at PR News, confirms what we have been told in regards to the shipping of pre-ordered Symbian^3 handsets, but also reports on some more news.

It has been confirmed that from October 15th, customers will be able to order the N8 online. However for UK purchasers wanting to pickup in store, the new smartphone will not be available until October 22nd, one week later. From this date the device will be ready through all carriers and a selection of outlets.

Once in the stores, Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4 U and Tesco, will carry the N8 along with all network providers shops. Hopefully, after the wait, Nokia has made sure that it has enough stock to meet demand.

Tell us, are you waiting for the new Nokia N8 smartphone, and if so, will you be pushed towards purchasing it online just to jump the queue? To read more on this check out PR News

  • Daltonenterprises

    I can confirm we are selling the nokia N8 officially as from the 5th November, the reason for this is because you will be guarantied delivery within the time stated and allows for delays that nokia will have. Also if u buy online now you will possible not get your phone till 1 – 2 wks after retailers. We are retailers who deal worldwide and can promise delivery. This is because we have ordered a bulk amount and will have them in stock to deliver. No waiting, no messing, no extra costs and this include postage like they will charge.