Facebook Advertising Tips: Maximize efficiency of ads

If you are a business, chances are you have a Facebook fan page. It’s an excellent way to interact with your consumers, to get your message across and to service your users needs in an environment in which they feel safe. We’ve seen that these Facebook pages take a lot of time to perfect, but once you have a good operation running you can gain a lot of business from these methods.

However, even if you have the best Facebook fan page in the world, having no people who ‘like’ your page leaves you back at square one. This is where Facebook advertising comes into play. The Social Media Examiner has an article with 7 important facts which all companies should know if they are thinking about spending some money to gain more followers.

The first tip is to have your advert link to your Facebook page, rather than to an exterior site. This allows users to simply ‘like’ your page without having to stop what they are doing. Another piece of valuable advice is that if you are expecting great results from Facebook advertising, you should be prepared to dedicate time to the cause. You are advised to test as many variables as you possibly can, and find out what does and does not work.

For more tips and tricks on advertising within Facebook, check out the Social Media Examiner article. For more articles on advertising and marketing, click here. What tips and tricks do you use when advertising? Let us know in the comments below.