White iPhone 4 Release: 2010 looking less likely

After a recent poll by PR News, an outcome was found that 68% of voters still longed for the infamous white iPhone 4, and were prepared to wait as long as it takes to get it.

According to Daniel at PR News, a recent article by Beat Week Magazine suggested that the odds for the white iPhone 4 to appear in 2010 were up to 45%. PR News figured around 80% was more probable. Now this is purely speculation, and when you hear comments from Apple‘s Steve Jobs quoting that we will be seeing the magical white device by Christmas this year, it makes you wonder what to believe? After all it’s not the first time that Apple has promised the shipping dates and not provided.

An email supposedly from Mr Jobs did hint of a white iPhone arriving soon. Lets just hope that with Black Friday fast approaching and Christmas only 3 months away, we will soon see the white iPhone 4 finally landing on our shores. If this doesn’t happen, then we are afraid that it will move into another year of broken promises from Apple.

If your waiting for the white iPhone, tell us how you will feel if it doesn’t turn up in your stocking this year? Log on to PR News to check out their opinions.