Geolocation “Foursquare” Down & Out For Nine Hours

Location-based Foursquare, which attracts some 3 million users had it’s site down for over nine hours. Problems have only just been rectified. At the time of the site crashing, it was difficult to ascertain what the engineers were up against, but for avid users it was a testing time (excuse the phrase) for friends to check-in with each other.

A notice was posted on networking site “Twitter’s” official account stating, “The servers are overloaded but we’re working on it! We will be back up ASAP.” Jolie O’Dell at Mashable reported, that another six hours passed from then, and indications showed that the engineers had got no further in finding out what the problems were with the servers. Users waited and waited, until a tweet came through from Foursquare saying that the entire engineering team had been called to work on the servers, #NoSleepTillUptime.

We can now report that Foursquare was up and running just before midnight at the Headquarters in NYC. At this stage, we are still in the dark as to what went wrong with the servers. It is hoped that at some point today, users to the site will get some explanation.

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