Social Media: Vital Part of Home Buying Process

It seems that social media is impacting more and more on modern life than ever before and is being used in a variety of ways we could not have foreseen a few years ago. For instance universities are using social media programs such as SCVNGR and recently we even heard of a fire service that tweets from fires as the incident is actually happening.

Now it appears that the real estate business is getting in on the act and increasingly using social media to communicate with clients. In South Florida, buyers increasingly use the Internet in their search for a home. One real estate agent, Sarah Elles Boggs, tells us it’s part of her normal routine now, when she attends a showing, to check in to location-based network Foursquare and tell people where she is on Twitter, according to an article by Toluse Olorunnipa over on the Miami Herald.

It’s not in vain either as Boggs says “I did pick up two solid new clients off of Twitter just last month alone who have already closed. And I’m working with a buyer from overseas who connected with me via Facebook.” It’s been a hard time recently for the real estate market and social media is one way that companies can increase their presence. As more people in the industry report on their success with using social media, so more real estate agents are turning to it by using blogs, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and even competing for mayorships on Foursquare.

One marketing director, Brad Nelson, summed up the impact of social media neatly when he said, “If Facebook were a country, it would be the third-largest country in the world. I don’t know of a single newspaper, of a single television program, or a single radio program that has that kind of reach.” There’s even an app in development purely for the realtor community whereby real estate agents could take a photo of a property with their smartphone and be informed of previous sales, tax rolls, foreclosure status and much more, almost instantly.

For more on this go to It does seem then that social media will become increasingly vital for home buyers and realtors who recognize its potential. Are you in the real estate business? We’d be interested to know if you are using social media more and how you use it so please do send in your comments on this.

  • Dom Phillips

    I can really see the advantage of this. Real estate is such a complicated it would make things alot more accesicle to newcomers who want to get into the business.