LinkedIn: Launch New “Career Explorer”

Since LinkedIn was launched in 2003, the business-oriented social networking site has had more than 75 million registered users in over 200 countries. As a extra string to its bow the site has introduced a new feature for the recently graduated.

Hitting 60 American Universities, LinkedIn is hoping to stir the just-graduated students into work with its new “Career Explorer”. The job seeker feature, will allow students to sift their way through different career options based on levels of education and industry choice.

Mashable found that through LinkedIn, the newly qualified can use the service to firstly map out a career path, then find connections to that career. Students will then have the advantage of learning about their desired job before finding job positions and openings.

With more features on the cards, this could be the easiest way for future employees to choose the right career. Tell us if you think you can plan out your future from the comfort of you own room? To see a video on the new Career Explorer check out Mashable.