Laptop Heat Causes “Toasted Skin Syndrome”

News has filtered through today, of reports of some laptop users experiencing what has been named “toasted skin syndrome“. This is mainly due to the device being placed on their lap for continuous amounts of time, and the heat causing discolouration or mottling of the skin. Joe at PR News reported on the case of a 12-year old boy who has unfortunately fallen victim to this same condition.

The unnamed boy, suffered, as only what can be described as “a sponge-patterned skin discolouration” on parts of his thighs. This has been put down to long hours spent gaming on the laptop. Also, a student in Virginia, U.S. who at the time was spending up to six hours a day with the device on her lap, suffered the same skin problems resulting in the need for treatment. Temperatures of up to 52C were recorded on the base of the laptop, therefore the skin discolouration can almost be compared to that of long term sun exposure.

Whilst “toasted skin syndrome” appears in most cases to be harmless, the condition could permanently darken the skin. In very rare cases, it could lead to skin cancer and PR News reported on prolonged periods of reduced sperm production. For those of you out there, who need to use the device on your lap, the advice is to use a carry case or heat shield between you and the computer.

Will this advice change the way you use your laptop? Give us your comments. To check out more on this log onto PR News