Conservative Party Conference: Social Media and following online

Social media is becoming more widely used for politics every day and was used extensively at the Labour Party Conference recently when the announcement of Ed Miliband as Labour Leader set Twitter alight. The Conservative Party Conference 2010 has now begun in Birmingham and already news is coming out. George Osborne, the Chancellor, has announced this morning that child benefit for higher earners will be withdrawn as part of the government’s plans to reduce spending.

It looks set to be an eventful week at the Tory conference and you may want to follow what’s happening as it happens. If you can’t get to the TV to watch the broadcasting of the conference then what better way to keep informed than online. If you go to Sky News for example, is has live blogging and at the bottom of the Conservative Conference Live Updates there is an event schedule to tell you what’s coming up next.

Alternatively you can keep up-to-date with all the conference details by checking out BBC News where you’ll find a Live: Party Conference page. You’ll find a stream of live blogging and as key events happen, also video and audio coverage. If you want to contribute by Twitter or Facebook there are also links to BBC News for each of those. You’ll also find a link if you want to send in your own videos of photos of the events unfolding.

Will you be watching the goings-on at the Conservative Party Conference? After the announcement on child benefits this morning there may be more big stories to come so why not get involved. If you want to share your thoughts and opinions about the conference then please do send us your comments.

  • Marvin Jones

    My partner and myself did not vote for you in the knowledge that some of your policies would
    make Labour look like genuises.
    How can you possibly stop child benefits for a household that brings in £45,000 and not stop
    it for a household that brings in £80,000 between them.
    This has got to be the most stupid idea since the Human Rights ????<

  • Linda

    I hope you will not just target the family, I have several friends in their early sixties who are drawing state pension and private pensions, get winter fuel allowance and openly admit they have more money than they know what to do with !! Free bus passes they never use because they all have new cars and even free persciptions for drugs like nurofen which they could easily afford and buy at the supermarket. I think the goverment should be looking here no family I know with children has so much disposable income !