Analyse Your Twitter To Improve Your Marketing

Twitter is an excellent way to market to consumers. We’ve seen recently that it is even getting close to overtaking Facebook as the dominant leader in social media. Twitter is being used more and more for social media marketing, and there are free tools out there which can help you to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

As Nathan Hangen, writing for the Social Media Examiner, puts it, Twitter is “much more much more focused, and in that regard, is much more business-oriented”. He says that whilst Facebook complicates things with pages and profiles, Twitter remains a single feed which is much easier to follow.

The idea here is to test how people respond to your messages on Twitter. Thanks to services such as or Google’s new, you are able to share links in a compressed format which doesn’t take up much of your 140 twitter characters. A little known fact about is that if you add a + to the end of your link, you can see a statistics page displaying the number of clicks, analysis including the location of people who clicked on the link and where the link was used in conversations.

For other tips, including checking which headline is more popular, head on over to the Social Media Examiner. What tips do you use when marketing in Twitter? Let us know in the comments.