Tweet leads to resignation from TV station employee

Here at Online Social Media we often praise the positive aspects of social networking but occasionally there have been instances of people who have posted a comment and gone on to regret it. There was the case for example of the teacher in the U.S. who mistakenly posted an entry about her job on Facebook thinking only certain people could see it. She was wrong and the outcry caused her to quit her job.

More recently there was the case where two England cricketers, Kevin Pietersen and Dimitri Mascarenhas, both found themselves fined for separate incidents of tweeting things they maybe shouldn’t have. Now we hear another case of somebody who probably wishes they’d been more careful. Cory Bergman over on Lost Remote reports on the employee for KTVX-TV in Salt Lake who tweeted, “I’m downtown eating. Surrounded by Mormons and repressed sexual energy.”

Apparently the person involved thought they were using their personal Twitter account but was actually on the station’s account, which when you think of it is an easy mistake to make. The TV station first deleted the comment and then issued an apology. The staff member though was in hot water and then station later confirmed that the person had resigned and that the resignation had been accepted.

This seems to be rather a case of over-reaction to me. Sure it was something that shouldn’t have been said on a public account but it does sound as though many people may have had a sense-of-humor failure. Indeed many people on Twitter thought the punishment rather severe.

For more on this go to Do you think it was right that this employee resigned? Have you ever tweeted something you shouldn’t have by mistake? We’re interested to hear what you have to say about this so please feel free to send in your comments.