YouTube: “Every Little Step” Video Featuring Mike Tyson, Bobby Brown & Wayne Brady

Viral videos are all the rage at the moment and online site “YouTube” is no exception. In recent months, we have seen videos from “Old Spice”, “Sesame Street” and now we can enjoy a video featuring celebrities “Mike Tyson, “Wayne Brady” and “Bobby Brown,” singing and dancing to “Every Little Step”. Viral videos are a fantastic way for users to share humorous content via the internet or email.

So far, this latest YouTube video has managed to rack up an amazing quarter of a million views, and that’s just in uploading it. Paula at reported that, for those of you who have not seen it yet, it features American actor, singer and television personality “Wayne Brady”, showing off some pretty impressive dance moves in an opened black jacket.

Featured alongside him, are celebrities in their own rights, singer and producer “Bobby Brown” and boxing heavyweight champion “Mike Tyson”.

Check out the video below, you can’t help but sing along! Give us your thoughts on it. To read more on this log onto