Facebook Adds Additional Photo Functionality

I’ve just started up at university again, and if there’s one thing that modern students depend on, it’s Facebook. We use it to communicate, organise events and share photographs and other images. Countless photo albums filled with student exploits will be filling up Facebook’s servers this year, and Facebook is rolling out an update to their online photo interface which adds new functionality, including support for high quality photographs.

Jolie O’Dell has the full story over on Mashable. The full list of upgrades includes bulk tagging options, download links for images, high-res photo support and a lightbox interface which allows users an attractive way of viewing images. The downside to these upgrades is that Facebook will be serving adverts alongside these images, but these are to offset the increased server costs which will come as a result of the increased file sizes.

The update has begun, and in typical Facebook style will be rolling out gradually. Expect to see it in the next week or two. This upgrade in photo functionality means that Facebook is now in a position to be a chief competitor to sites like Flickr. After all, why would people post images to Flickr and put the link onto Facebook to share with friends, when they could just post them onto Facebook and cut out the middle man.

One feature not mentioned in the article is a whole album download feature. If that functionality is ever included, I see myself uploading all images, making them private and having them there so that I have them if I ever have a total computer breakdown. What do you think of this new functionality?
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