iPad Introducing “Internet Tethering”

When the Apple iPad tablet was first introduced, people were delighted by the fantastic features. But the one thing it lacked was support for “Internet Tethering”. For users, it was made difficult to access the internet via their iPhone onto the iPad.

Good news, as this may be about to change with the introduction of iOS 4.2 beta. Stan Schroeder at Mashable reported, since its launch, there are a number of iPhone subscribers away from home wanting to use Wi-Fi connectivity. The only option open to them, is to buy a 3G version of the iPad, enabling them to gain internet access just about anywhere. As with most things, it will cost an additional fee.

Although a screenshot has been seen with the iPad connected from the beta 2 of iOS 4.2 (iPad running on a Swedish carrier), it has been said that if this form of tethering were to be made available, it would only be connectivity to another device and not the internet.

Are you willing to pay the premium to get internet connectivity through your iPad? To find out more information log onto Mashable