DentBetty: Upload Your Pictures For Repair Estimates

When you own a car you get accustomed to the everyday running of it, you know where to go to get fuel, get it cleaned, taxed and serviced. But as soon as you have an accident, the car is damaged and you’re not sure what to do next. Spending the time trawling through the masses of car body repair centres to get the best quote, can be time consuming. This is where DentBetty steps in.

All you have to do is upload at least two pictures of the damage to DentBetty, then fill out the easy to use form to describe the damage. According to Mashable, once you have specified if the repair is out-of-pocket expenses, DentBetty will send your repair details via email to a list of local body shops.

Within a week, you will receive up to seven different quotes with a breakdown of estimated costs and time scale needed for the repairs. Information like loan cars and if your car can be collected will also be available. Once you have chosen a repairer, you can use DentBetty to arrange for the work to be carried out.

With the rise in on-line services, and the possibility of getting your car fixed in the comfort of your own home, prove to be a success? Only time can tell. Give us your thoughts on repairs via the internet; can you see any down sides? To read more on DentBetty log onto Mashable