Ayodhya Verdict: Young spread peace on Twitter and Facebook

An important decision that many people in India were waiting for today was the Ayodhya verdict from the Allahabad High Court and that decision has now been reached. It involved a 64-acre area of Ayodhya, 350 miles from New Delhi, where the land had been disputed by both Muslims and Hindus and has in the past led to rioting.

The verdict was announced that the area would now be divided between the two groups, one third going to Muslims and the other two-thirds to Hindus and the move is set to take place in approximately 3 months. Although it’s hoped the move will lead to more peace in the region, the decision may well cause some unrest initially and the Indian Government has deployed 200,000 security personnel across India and increased security at religious site.

However the young people of India seem to have a very different idea and see the decision as an opportunity to build peace. As soon as the decision was announced today social networking sites were made busy by young people spreading messages of peace and secularism, according to the Hindustan Times. One message on Facebook read, “We have built enough mosques and temples. Let’s build the nation now.”

Over on Twitter one thread said, “Yes religion is important but NOT place of worship. And violence is not encouraged in any religion.” Another message read, “I hope everyone will accept the verdict……and there will be peace.” For more on this go to hindustantimes.com. Are you a young person in India? What do you think of the Ayodhya verdict? We’re interested in what you have to say so please do send us your comments.