Skype 5: Facebook Connect, SMS and voice chat

It appears from recent reports that the popular social networking website Facebook and the Skype software application are on the verge of announcing a significant partnership, which will include the integration of Facebook Connect, SMS and even voice chat.

As reported by Kara Swisher at, Facebook – which currently has 500 million users – hopes to combine community and communications together as well as adding more tools, to hopefully become the central communication and messaging platform for the sites users.

The new integration will allow users to either call or SMS their Facebook friends from Skype, using Facebook Connect. That isn’t all however, as it will also allow people to host a video chat using Facebook within Skype.All this will be available with the latest version, Skype 5.0.

Although Skype currently dominates the online calling space, it does need to be wherever the users are moving to, such as the social networking website. The partnership may even make Facebook more appealing worldwide, considering Skype is more popular in countries outside the US.