Ryder Cup: Stars discouraged from Twitter and Facebook

Europe’s Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomery has announced that he has asked his team to refrain from using Twitter and Facebook in order for them to focus on their golf. This was sparked by England Cricketer Kevin Pieterson’s Twitter rant; which prompted him to confront the team about using the micro-blogging site.

Monty has not officially banned the team from using the sites; however would prefer if they concentrated more on the big tournament against the Americans that tees off in Wales on October 1st. “I’ve just asked my team not to, and they have said, okay, that’s fine, we’ll start Tweetering or Twittering, on Monday October the 4th,” he said.

According to Bangkok Post, the USA captain Corey Pavin has also spoken to his team about using the social networking sites whilst the tournament is in swing. Unlike Europe, the Americans have actually imposed an official Twitter ban for the competition. “We’ve decided as a whole to not Tweet this week, but first thing a week from today I am sure Tweeting will be all over the place!”

You can bet your bottom dollar that these promises will not be kept and someone will sneak a Tweet at some point during the golf. Restrictions on Facebook have not been emphasized as much but will have the captains tearing their hair out if it distracts the players. Lets all hope the players can hold their nerve when it comes to playing on the course and then on their phones after.

Follow the link for details on how to support your Ryder Cup team on Facebook and Twitter. Do you think a Twitter and Facebook free Ryder Cup will improve the player’s performance? Let us know your views by leaving a comment.