Windows Phone 7 To Be Released October 21 ?

For some of you waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the new “Windows Phone 7” mobile phone, good news may be just around the corner. Rumors have been drifting around for some time, as to when the exact release date will be? According to two web publications, indications show that the new device could be with you by October 21. In recent weeks, it was reported that Windows 7 software was up and ready for action!

According to Samuel Axon at Mashable, one source “El Economista” had said that Spain would be set for the Windows Phone 7 on the date mentioned above, but “Neowin” indicated that the UK, France, Germany and Italy would have to be added to that. It is difficult to gauge where the U.S. fits into this. Reports have said that America can expect to see the new device at some time in November 2010.

After you have had time to digest this, there has been mention of Microsoft showcasing their phones at an event being organised in New York on October 11.

It seems that you have not got too long to wait now. The new handset is reported to have some fantastic features including the use of “Silverlight”. Unfortunately though, even before the launch, the Windows Phone 7 has already come under criticism, as Microsoft have no plans to support data tethering with the handset.

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