7 New Smartphone “Historical” Tourism Apps

For those of you out there who possess a smartphone and enjoy visiting “Historical” places of interest, there are now 7 mobile apps that will make your experiences more enriching! Wouldn’t it be nice to gain some information on your chosen venue before you visit it? Presently, you can read historical books, visit the internet and have a tour guide with you, but to have the accessibility to source information beforehand would be beneficial.

According to Sarah at Mashable, there are some “historical tourism” apps aimed to help smartphone users. We have chosen just two of them to talk about. The first impressive app is the “City Stories: Medical London Bloomsbury”. It gives tourists a guide from the first London hospital that was built in the 12th century through to present day. It takes into account, changes in medicine including, anaesthetics, neurology, amputation, women and medicine through audio clips.

Another fantastic app is “LAT Star Walk”. This gives an insight into the location of some 2,000 celebrity homes on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”. If you are thinking of planning a day out to spot some celebs, then the app gives you the option of searching by a name, type, or even GPS location.

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