Facebook: “Im Single & Available” Says Princess Eugenie

Online social networking site “Facebook” is increasing in user numbers by the day, and is not only being used as a communication tool for the everyday user, but for princesses as well. For now, “Princess Eugenie”, sixth in line to the Queen’s throne, has been spotted out with her friends drinking and dancing the night away!

The 20-year old daughter to the “Duke of York”, has never been seen as a tiara, fancy frock wearing princess and the latest photos to be posted on Facebook are showing her to be abit of a party animal. According to Rebecca at Mail Online, photos have been seen on a Facebook page belonging to one of Eugenie’s friends.

The princess has been captured in some revealing low cut dresses, drinking and dancing with friends on nights out, and at times carrying her packet of “Marlboro Light” cigarettes. Eugenie has commented that she is single and, romantically speaking, looking for “random play”.

What are your thoughts on this story? Should members of the Royal family portray a cleaner image to the rest of us? Give us your comments. To read more on this and to check out Eugenie’s pictures, log onto Mail Online