Amazon Kindle Enjoying New “Scrabble” Paid App

Since Amazon launched its app store for the “Kindle” e-reader device, we can now forward to the release of the first paid app, “Scrabble”. Nowadays, the good old-fashioned board games are making their way onto the latest technological gadgets, Scrabble being no exception. So, will this latest app manage to knock other games out the way, such as Trivial Pursuit, Battleship and Stratego?

According to Lauren at Mashable, Scrabble, designed by “Electronic Arts”, will now join two other word games currently in the store. The difference between the three apps is that Scrabble will cost the user $4.99 and the other two are free. For fans of the word game, it gives users the opportunity to compete against the Kindle itself, a friend or a solo game.

With stiff app store competition from the likes of Apple, Android and BlackBerry, does Amazon have any chance?

Are you a fan of scrabble? Would you consider using this new paid app? We would be pleased to have your feedback. To read more on this check out Mashable