Playstation Move: First week reaction

Sony’s Playstation Move has been out for about a week now and the reaction to the new gadget has been very positive. If you have not had the chance to give it a test run then you had better run round to your nearest friend’s house and check it out!

Plenty of online reviews and customer feedback surveys in stores have give the shiny new product a 4-5 star rating, which will raise the expectation now from the Microsoft Kinect. Check out this review for the Move from Electric Pig, which explains all of the pros and cons in nice detail.

We must remember that the Playstation Move is in fact an add on to the PS3, however the fresh new features and gameplay style it brings are as if it is a new console. I would describe it as a PS3 and Wii hybrid. The immense advantage of the Move only being an add on is price, as you can pick up the starter pack for a very generous £45 ($70). That includes the motion controller, Playstation Eye and the set up disc. We also reported in another one of our articles of the “Gun Attachment” that would be released for the Move.

If you already have the camera from previous games such as Singstar, then you can purchase just the motion controller for £30 ($47). Either way this is an extreme bargain in terms of the fun it is going to generate in the household, especially around Christmas time. We are preparing ourselves for an all out war between the Move and Kinect this December and it could get very interesting. We already know that the Move is cheaper than the Kinect, so for people with tight pockets this could prove crucial.

Have you played on the Move yet, if not are you planning to get one? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving us a comment.

  • poooooooo

    Amazing Device! Worth every penny!!!!!!

  • Max Brennar

    It's a dud – whilst at JB HiFi last night I saw two customers returning it and the staff said the feedback from the few customers who purchased under the promo offer ($79) was not good…

  • Matt

    Move looks really stupid and the games look even worse. I don't think anyone even cares about this thing since it just seems like a blatant imitation of Wii to most consumers.

  • Eric

    Got my move the day it came out and loving it

  • clos

    get over it. trust me this thing is not a gimick.. what the wii didnt deliver sony did. poeple are so turned off by it because they expect it to be like the wii… wii holds no candle to this thing… dont judge something you havent tried. had the wii never came out with a motion controller everyone would be all over this like a fat kid on a cake… dont knock it cause some other company gave you a bad opinion on what they brought out///

    • Chance

      Don't judge something you haven't tried…good comment!! Its important to note that this is still in the premature stage of the market. There are going to be many good games that come out that are Move compatible. I believe just as most hardcore gamers do, that this is not something for the hardcore gamer, but Sony is trying to appeal to all gamers. The PS3 does more than the Wii and Xbox combined. I am very happy with being a loyal Sony gamer and appreciate what Microsoft has brought to gaming. I look forward to what the Move has to offer in the future. Sony really needs to advertise this product though and get it in some major stores for people to play with and experience.

      • Steven

        A better interpretation is that this device is designed for use with both casual and hardcore games. Games such as Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain really benefit from Move, and I have a feeling future hardcore games will be even better! I am glad that Oddworld: Strangers Wrath is being remade for the PS3, and only on Move.

        The only question we need to ask is this – what is Kinect going to do in order to cater to the hardcore audience? Sony has got both elements covered, and for that they can only win.

  • Steven

    Just to say that I had doubts about the Move when I ordered it. I was about to cancel it one day, but then it had been dispatched. It arrived in my house, and I waited a few hours before trying it out.

    My feeling about it? Impressive and fun technology. The starter disc alone (leaving this till christmas, at which point it will be a pernament addition to my console!)was a lot of fun. The only complaint I have is that my right arm is a little sore after having swung a little too hard during table tennis (once you play, you will understand, for every single movement you make actually matters. So if you look like an idiot by moving your body, it actually reads on screen).

    Don’t listen to the negative comments – for from the sounds of things, they haven’t even used this thing! If they had, they would not be writing criticisms of this magnitude.

    • clos

      i hear you on that soreness i woke sore the next day.. had alot a fun and this will be the next step for hardcare gamers…

  • Mark_S

    I will say the Sports Champiions definitely uses the Move in the right way.. Disc Golf and Gladiator alone are a blast! (simple but fun!).. I've always been horrible at table tennis and it shows :)

    Just one quick word of advice.. make sure you've got a high-enough ceiling for a few of the games… (that's the problem with having the console in my basement with a space of 7' and being as tall (6'6) as I am – the volleyball game is probably going to be out of the question for me to play.)

    however, being a PS+ member, I was able to get the move update for High-Velocity Bowling.. that one is "horrible"… The controller does not seem to have any consistency in terms of speed or spin (even with the exact same motion… Spn control is HORRIBLE in particular – IMO.)

    I'm tempted to pick up the Brunswick game and pray it's better (and this from someone who loves HVB)