Flip Out Keyboard Coming To iPhone With TK-421 Case

One of the major drawbacks with the iPhone is that it does not come with a keyboard. Many users are fine with the on-screen keyboard for writing messages, but others have been turned off completely due to this missing feature. Now it is possible to enjoy your iPhone with a keyboard, thanks to the TK-421 iPhone case.

Blake Robinson over on Mashable has all the details about this new accessory. It costs $50 and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. It works by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, which has been available through the most recent iOS updates. Sadly since the iPhone 3G doesn’t get these updates, the keyboard won’t work with older models.

The case clips onto your phone with magnets and is charged by a separate USB cable. The product website mentions nothing about the iPod Touch, but chances are it’ll work on any Touch device which can run the most recent iOS software.

As far as iPhone devices go, this is pretty cool. So far we’ve only seen a pinball add-on for the iPhone, and we are still hoping on some sort of gaming controller so that users can play proper games such as those from Epic games. If this product can succeed in the market, then we may be seeing more accessories like this in the future.

What accessories would you like to see for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments. Alternatively, check out the Mashable story or the ThinkGeek product page.

  • mfj197

    "Sadly since the iPhone 3G doesn’t get these updates, the keyboard won’t work with older models."

    The iPhone 3G has got the most recent iOS update, and so will work perfectly well with this keyboard if the user has installed the update. Admittedly the 3G isn't as quick with iOS 4.1 as it was with 3.1.3, but that's another story …

    • http://www.facebook.com/PyroTails Jonathan Cordes

      Go check out the product page. It says there "# Models available to fit iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4
      (Please note that the iPhone 3G will NOT work with this case. The OS does not support Bluetooth™ keyboards.) "