YouTube Social: Take control of the videos you share

A new neat little website called “Youtube Social” has brought a new style of video sharing with friends. From now on you don’t have to send the Youtube link to your friends, in order for them to watch the video you want them to see. All you have to do is input the URL on the Youtube Social website and then add your friends to the party for everyone to view at the same time. Genius!

According to Electric Pig, if it is you who has invited friends in other words “the host”, then you will be in control of the virtual remote which controls what everyone watches. However if your awful taste in video leads to the disapproval of your friends then you can pass the remote on, so that someone else can select what will be played.

All of your friends in the party will be displayed in boxes below the video, with their picture or avatar. To put them in control simply drag the virtual remote onto their avatar. You can share you YouTube Social viewing party via Facebook Connect or by sending the URL to friends. Also see our article on the new “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows trailer being released on Youtube” today.

What do you think about Youtube Social, is a good idea? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.