Tweeters: Fury Over Justin Bieber Kiss To Jasmine Villegas

Online social networking site “Twitter” is used as a tool to communicate with others in the form of tweets. Tweets (messages) can be sent back and forth using just 140 characters. Twitter is not only being used by the likes of me and you, but for celebrities as well. News of pop star “Justin Bieber” kissing “Jasmine Villegas” has caused the latest stir on the site. It sent the two into a media frenzy.

Nadine at JSYK reported that, following on from photos taken of the two kissing, fans of Bieber went crazy tweeting of their disapproval and then started quizzing “Baby” pop star of his “love interest“ in yet someone else “Caitlin Beadles”. What are we to believe?

Bieber and Villegas have yet to comment on the photos, and for Twitter fan Bieber, he has been exceptionally quiet.

Are you a fan of Bieber? Do you think celebrities should be given more privacy? Give us your comments. To read more on this check out JSYK

  • annoymous

    bieber sucha cheaterrrr. i'm done.