Britain Embraces Largest Wind Farm Powering 240,000 Homes

News has been reported today of the biggest wind turbine farm to hit Britain’s shores in Thanet. It will be the biggest along its coastline in comparison to the other 264 farms. With some 100 turbines being built, it will in turn produce enough clean, renewable energy for 240,000 homes.

If you want to get an idea of how tall these wind turbines actually are? If you look at Nelson Column at Trafalgar Square, London, a turbine measures at least two and a half times the height of this iconic statue. Vlad at Engadget reported that in total, the turbines will cost the UK a whooping £780 million ($1.2b) to build, but if you take into consideration the long term affects, surely these pennies will be well spent?

Currently in Britain, wind power is classed as the second source of renewable energy after “Biomass”.

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