Twitter Bug: Young Australian boy and Japanese developer own up

Yesterday we brought you an article on the Twitter “Mouseover” bug that has affected thousands of users. We can confirm today that a 17 year old Australian Boy and a Japanese developer have taken the blame.

The young Australian claims to have “inadvertently triggered a chain of events that led to thousands of people being affected by a Twitter security flaw yesterday” according to sources from Stan Schroeder at Mashable. The offender has been identified as Pearce Delphin or @zzap as he is known on Twitter.

Several other people are said to be involved, however another culprit has been identified as Masato Kinugawa, a relatively unknown developer who had previously exploited the Twitter vulnerability. Kinugawa and Delphin, have said they wanted to “do it merely to see if it could be done”. They did not think of the serious implications and may be punished.

Twitter users affected by the bug experienced problems such as pop ups, auto tweets and pornographic websites being opened; all out of their control. It has become apparent that the pair “exposed the security flaw by tweeting a piece of code with an onMouseOver JavaScript function”. The bug has now been patched.

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