PS3 3.50 Update Download Available: Blu-ray 3D Works

Way back in July we brought you the news that Sony was planning to add 3D Blu-ray support in a firmware update to its PlayStation 3 later this year and that the console would then be able to adjust to support nearly all 3D technologies.

Well today that day has come with Sony releasing the firmware update 3.50 for PS3 and yes, it does allow for 3D Blu-ray movie playback. Ross Miller over on Engadget, sourced from the Official PlayStation Blog tells us that there is also some Facebook integration and a Grief Reporting Function whereby players can report inappropriate messages from other PlayStation Network users.

The good people over on Engadget have already tested out the 3.50 update and confirm that it does work for Blu-Ray 3D. It’s simply a question of checking that your HDMI is set to “Auto” and it will go on to detect 3DTV and then adjust to the correct setting required.

For more on this go to Have you downloaded your PS3 v3.50 update yet? Let us know what you think about it by sending us your comments.

  • Billy1980

    3d on 46" samsung tv with monsters vs aliens is laggy and blurry. It gives me a headache and is set to auto so I know it's not my settings. It doe play 3d but the.3d is very loosely used and not tweaked properly. Hopefully it will be soon though.

  • Samurai_jack5

    when i downloaded it my psn started acting up. now it wont even sign me into my account 😮 when i try to change the password it says "an error has occured (80023017)" help?

    • a c b

      that is the exact same as me.. i think it is because of the download.. i have read that from 4.00pm today to like 4.00pm tomorrow, unless you were allredy signed in before 4 today it wont be up and running.. but thats what i have seen in articles on the internet as i have looked at everything

    • ZAMNA

      Having the same problem, must be a bug!!


      and me just completted the update and can't sign in to my account

  • Namron280

    I downloaded the update 3.50 and now it looks like it has reset the password and will not let me sign in. Keeps saying “the sign-in id(e-mail address) or password is incorrect. HELP

  • gunz_06

    I have same problem with update wont sign in to pen click on forgot password and shows error help would be much appreciated

  • wahab

    my ps3 is sayin tht i cant sign in ..ishould download this 3.50 update :S and now i am searchion 4 this update i c tht u guys have the same prob lyk me!

  • lee beckenkrager

    i update new 3.50 not working for me go to 77% then stop's and can not sign in down load it from my pc see if it work's did do's not work it stop' at 77% i format it too still not sony can you gith me a free one .can download update or fix it

  • john

    it wont recognize my 3d blu-ray disc…

  • jamie

    it wont let me download 3.50 help