Beware: Facebook clickjacking attack loose

Facebook users should be careful whilst on the site today as a clickjacking attack has spread on the social networking website. Thousands of users have already been affected by the scam as it has spread and infested their status updates.

Reports from Mashable tell us that the scam will try and grab people’s attention with a juicy status update which everyone will want to see. “OMG This GUY Went A Little To Far WITH His Revenge On His EX Girlfriend”, is what is being used to make people click on the link and transfer them to the scammer’s site.

Before you can see the fake update you will be prompted to answer a fake captcha which asks users to click on two colored boxes, which are in fact linked to Facebook’s Share and “Like” buttons, which causes users to “Like” the page, and also post the status update on their own walls.

Anyone who has fallen for the clickjacking trick should immediately clear the status from their wall and remove the “like” that they unknowingly submitted on the fake page. Fortunately it appears that no malware damage has been caught by anyone, however spam has been confirmed.

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