Twitter: Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham exchange pleasantries

Two of the most talked about female celebrities have struck up an unlikely friendship over micro blogging site Twitter recently. Reality TV beauty Kim Kardashian and ex pop singer Victoria Beckham both had a nice chit chat, complimenting each other on things such as fashion and work.

The sudden friendship started when 29 year old Kim became aware that Victoria had created an account; according to The Daily Mail she then had this to say: “OMG one of my fashion icons has joined twitter! Fashion week is now every week with Victoria on here!” Then 36 year old Victoria replied: “So kind, love ur show”. And there we go, the two have agreed to meet.

Both Kim and Victoria have both been notorious for big expensive shopping sprees and it would not be a surprise if you saw the two out at a fancy shopping mall somewhere, looking at handbags and shoes. Both women are residents of the U.S, as Victoria traveled with famous footballing husband David Beckham when he moved to soccer team L.A Galaxy. A meeting look on the cards very soon, so the Paparazzi will be lurking, you can be sure of that.

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  • Kate

    Kim Kardashian is often the best dressed and hairstyles.Victoria is often theb worst dressed and hairstyles. Victoria is always a ugly messy hair like Britney Spears.