Online survey reveals unrest with Liberal Democrat supporters

As the Liberal Democrat conference is taking place in Liverpool this weekend there is some news of an online survey which shows deep unrest among Liberal Democrat supporters and the poll results are likely to be a real blow to Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg.

The poll, commissioned by the Sunday Mirror newspaper and carried out by ComRes says that four out of ten people who voted Lib Dem at the General Election back in May regret their decision because of Clegg’s deal with David Cameron. Not only that but 25% of those who voted Lib Dem say they would now vote for Labour instead, according to Vincent Moss over on the

Nick Clegg is facing a backlash at the conference this weekend from activists unhappy with the alliance made with the Conservative party and this will only add fuel to the fire as it is now quite evident that unrest is stronger than realized. It seems that Lib Dem supporters are also wondering quite what their party will get out of the coalition as 64% say that the conservatives have more to gain than the Liberal Democrats.

Another revelatory statistic from the online survey is that only 19% of Tory voters think the current spending cuts go too far whereas 48% of Lib Dem voters thought the cuts go too far. For more on this go to Are you a Lib Dem supporter? Do you feel disillusioned with your party or maybe you are at the conference and see things completely differently? We’d be interested to hear your comments about this.