Facebook to launch a phone?

This week we have heard that Google are planning to get one over on Facebook by launching their own type of social network, and now it has been said that Facebook are planning to release a phone! This news will create a tech frenzy as the phone is dubbed to be like nothing we have seen before.

Reports from Engadget, say that “two high level employees have been assigned the task of a creating a smartphone which will allow deep integration with Facebook contacts”. The social networking site have recently accepted that Apple and Google are a threat to their market with the launch of iTunes Ping and the news that a possible “Google Me” is in the works.

So it looks as if Mark Zuckerberg and the boys are planning to bring the fight to their rivals by playing the iPhone’s and Android models at their own game. Engadget says that the project is being kept so tightly under wraps that some Facebook employees are even in the dark about the suggestions.

Another interesting fact is that back in May, Erick Tseng the lead project manager of Android left the company and went straight over to Facebook and took the job as head of mobile products. Tseng was near the top of the hierarchy at Android and even acted as spokesperson for the brand on occasions. It is almost certain he is playing a part in this project.

We will keep you updated on this interesting news as it develops so stay posted. If this type of new interests you then you may like to see one of our other articles on “Google’s plans to create a social network“. Will Facebook really launch a phone? Leave us a comment with your thoughts on this news.