Foursquare: Announce New “Universities Program”

Foursquare, the location-based app designed for users to check-in to their friends locations and earn badges, has now launched yet another new concept aimed at students. Yesterday (Thursday), saw the website introduce “Foursquare for Universities Program”.

Lauren Indvik at Mashable reported, that it is hoped that this new idea will help students, alumni and staff gain further knowledge of classes, building hours and activities that may be planned around the campus as well as others. Foursquare have now designed some new badges to entice students into using some of the services on offer. The location-based website has already got involved with 20 other uni’s and for those who are not, the advice is not to worry!

Foursquare, which can be accessed via the internet and mobile, has been developed as a fun way of connecting to your friends, check-in to various places and earning points and badges. Recently, the set up of “swarm parties” is growing in popularity. This latest trend which started in the US has made its way over to the UK. Foursquare gives some of its users to chance to promote their brands and businesses plus, for other users, it gives them the opportunity to pick up their virtual badge or point.

What are your thoughts on this latest idea to come from Foursquare? Does it sound like a good way of promoting information to students? Give us your thoughts. To read more on this check out Mashable